2018 Women to Watch: Deirdre Martin

Deirdre Martin
Senior vice president, financial lines, public company division
American International Group Inc.
New York
Age: 43

Deirdre Martin, senior vice president, financial lines, public company division at American International Group Inc., has worked for the insurer since college.

“I grew up in AIG,” she said. “I had been contemplating higher education, but I started this training program, and I just had opportunities that just kept presenting themselves that I didn’t expect, so it was a fortunate experience.”

Starting in claims in AIG, Ms. Martin eventually gravitated toward underwriting because “I really liked the opportunity that existed here.”

When asked about her proudest business achievement, she said: “Having the opportunity to hear from numerous people that I’ve been impactful on their career development is probably what I’m most proud of in my career.”

“What I feel strongest about as a manager is I’m always trying to put myself into someone else’s shoes, to try to anticipate their needs and how I can help them further develop,” Ms. Martin said. “I’ve probably heard from as many men as women in that capacity.”

Ms. Martin was one of three female co-chairs of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society’s directors and officers symposium in January, and at least one woman was on every panel except for keynote speakers.

“We got such a really strong feedback about that,” she said.

She met her husband Wes while he was working at AIG. He is now a stay-at-home dad to their daughters Cecilia, 12 and Maize, 9. “Mostly in my free time I’m watching my daughters play lacrosse, soccer or dance,” she said.

Carolyn Snow, director of risk management at Humana Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky, has known Ms. Martin for about five years.

“First of all, she’s very good at what she does. She’s a very good businesswoman. She’s very professional,” said Ms. Snow. “But she also has a nice personal touch in that she has a family and children, and so she’s easy to relate to, both as a professional and on a personal level, and she blends that very nicely, I think.”

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