Bill would offer leaves of absence to school police officers

California’s Senate passed legislation that would expand workers compensation leaves of absences to police officers employed by schools who are injured on the job.

A.B. 346, introduced in February by Assemblyman Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, passed the Senate unanimously on Thursday. The Assembly passed the bill in April.

Existing law that provides police officers, firefighters and some other public employees with a leave of absence without the loss of salary while disabled by an employment-related injury or illness in lieu of temporary disability payments under the workers compensation system. The legislation would add police officers employed by school districts, county offices of education or community colleges to the list of public employees entitled to a leave of absence without any loss of salary if they have sustained a workplace injury or illness.

The bill will go back to the Assembly to vote on amendments before it goes to Gov. Gavin Newsome for a signature.